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Rousis systems is a company with long experience in the design and manufacture of high technology electronic systems. founded in 1999, initially working in Thessaloniki Greece. In recent years he moved to Petrich bulgaria which has a production plant design and assembly of electronic digital systems.

The company monitors the developments and invests in high technology having appropriate expertise and equipment. For production we use high quality materials and precision. We manufacture our products according with European directives and international standards. before delivery the products to the customers, performed fastidious testing and trials.

The research and development department of our company is constantly working to improve the products and designing new, According to modern technologies and international standards.

The sectors which our company has been active so far are:

  • Electronic led signs
  • Color screens led
  • Tables scoreboard results
  • Electronic timers timekeeping systems
  • queue systems and catchment management
  • Systems rfid recognition

Our company can also undertake the design of electronic systems according to your needs special purposes.